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With deer season still lingering in my mind, I can’t help reflect on the gear and equipment that helped me get through yet another Illinois deer hunting season. Arguably one of the keys to helping my son and I put four deer in the freezer was our choice of slugs – Lightfield Sabot slugs from Lightfield Ammo Corp.

Lightfield Premium Ammunition has become a leader in big game hunting slugs. Since sabot slugs are their specialty, it’s no surprise they do it well – producing the most accurate sabot slugs on the market. By manufacturing their line of slugs with the tightest industry specifications, they are producing slugs that are incredibly accurate at long ranges.

I shoot a Remington 870 Wingmaster 12-gauge pump shotgun with a rifled barrel and Hawke Scope. For the second season in a row I’ve been putting the Hybrid Exp 2¾” 12-gauge slug through my deer slug gun, and anything inside of 100 yards is pretty much in the freezer. In addition to the accuracy, a huge advantage of Lightfields is their incredible energy at impact, which results in higher shocking  and knockdown power, resulting in many deer dropping in their tracks. Of the six deer I’ve taken with Lightfields, 5 of them traveled less than 3 feet after impact. I don’t mind tracking deer, but to be honest it’s always a relief when they go down within sight, and I can climb down from my stand knowing for sure the deer is down and I don’t have to track it. I’m sure many deer hunters know what I’m talking about.

My son got a new Savage 220 bolt action 20-gauge and was shooting the Lightfield Hybrid Exp as well. At only 385 grains, this round shoots more like a rifle

My 17-year-old son made a sweet shot on this doe - shooting uphill, bitter cold and high winds. The Lightfield sabot did the trick, the deer only stumbled about 10 yards. Meat in the freezer!
My 17-year-old son made a sweet shot on this doe – shooting uphill, bitter cold and high winds. The Lightfield sabot did the trick, the deer only stumbled about 10 yards. Meat in the freezer!

than a conventional deer slug. In fact, the 20 gauge round is spreading like wildfire as the “round of choice” for many deer hunters in states that do not allow

rifles. These lighter rounds, especially packed in a magnum load like the Hybrid Mag 20, can give deer hunters accurate groups at much longer distances than 12 gauge rounds, which drop more at long distances due to their weight. The heavy thicker barrel of the Savage 220, combined with the high-performance specs of the Lightfields, should give us a lethal shooting range of out to 200 yards. With one season under his belt, my son Kyle is chomping at the bit to extend his range with the magnum rounds. The 20 gauge round doesn’t have quite the knockdown energy of the 12, but what you sacrifice in energy you gain back tenfold in increased distance and accuracy.

Lightfield also produces premium ammunition for muzzleloaders as well as home defense and animal control. They are one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of ammunition designed for Law Enforcement applications, and many of those “less lethal” rounds are great for home defense. In case of a home invasion, these rounds are designed to not blow through walls, thereby preventing injury to household members. They have a variety of rounds that are designed to disable, but might not kill a home intruder. Note I said “might” not. And they are “less lethal”. Check out their Home Defense Rounds HERE.
Check out their entire line of ammunition with all the specifications at They also have some great instructional videos on how to sight in your shotgun. And if you put some game on the ground, the Lightfield website has a feature where you can upload your story and photo to share with the rest of the world.

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