Tenzing TP14 Turkey Pack


The Tenzing TZ TP14 Turkey Pack is like the best hunting backpack I’ve ever used, but on steroids. With many adjustable straps, the pack fits like a glove and proportions the weight distribution perfectly. And instead of noisy Velcro, the flaps close shut using magnets. The 3-inch thick foam seat also fastens with a magnet, and drops into place when you’re ready to hit the dirt and set up on a bird.

It’s pretty clear some major engineering thought went into the design — there are plenty of pockets that are custom fabricated to quietly hold every kind of turkey call, from slates to box calls. Front pockets also have ribbed elastic to hold shotgun shells where they can be reached easily and quickly.

The pack also has a large pouch on the back for carrying decoys or hopefully your bird. But the clincher on this is the pair of fold-out aluminum support legs that convert this pack to a “ground chair” in seconds, enabling turkey hunters to sit still longer. There are a variety of straps and clips that let you cinch the pack tight to you body for a more comfortable fit. It’s available in camo patterns including Mossy Oak Obsession and Realtree Xtra.

The Tenzing TP14 Turkey Pack is arguably one of the best turkey hunting packs or vests on the market. Get more information and details at TenzingOutdoors.com.

I had a chance to use this pack on a recent turkey hunting trip to Labette County Kansas, read the adventure CLICK HERE.

The Tenzing Turkey Pack is a must-have for serious turkey hunters - it's comfortable, quiet and converts into a "ground chair" for long sits.
The Tenzing Turkey Pack is a must-have for serious turkey hunters – it’s comfortable, quiet and converts into a “ground chair” for long sits.

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