If you are looking for a great place to hang a tree stand for deer season, you might want to search out some oak trees. 2014 is going to be the “year of the acorns”. Many oaks have an “every-other-year” cycle for increased acorn production. Kind of like how lilacs have more flowers every other year, oak trees drop more acorns every other year. However, White Oaks have an “every-three-years” cycle to their abundance. Well, this year, it appears that the every 2nd-year producers like Red and Pin Oaks and the every 3rd-year producers like the White Oaks have coincided.

What does that mean? There will be tons of acorns on the ground this year. And deer absolutely love them, especially the ones that are lower in tannic acid like the three I mentioned above. They are coming down in buckets, and the deer have been going crazy eating them. Once the soft mast like leafy browse is long gone and the cornfields have been picked over, the deer will be back to searching for any leftover acorns.

So find some oak trees to hunt this year, preferably White Oaks. If it slows down, be sure to go back to it when the snow starts flying — you can bet the deer will be. Check out the photos of deer gorging themselves on fresh White Oak acorns.

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