The GSI Camp Kitchen is exactly that, and more. It’s a portable kitchen that serves as a multi-use food processing station that is perfect for outdoorsmen. We used it on a recent camping trip and it gave us the ideal, convenient set up to clean fish, wash and slice wild morels and prep our wild asparagus for an evening feast.

The entire kitchen weighs about 35 pounds, and folds up to about the size of a large, flat suitcase, roughly 2′ x 4′. It looks like a little kitchen, with an open “countertop” area and two wash basins with drain plugs. There are also accessories available like water jugs and pumps so the user can simply plug a hose into a spout and pump water into the basins as needed.

The coolest part of the kitchen is the removable cutting boards. Two heavy duty cutting boards fit on top of the basins, expanding the surface area for food prep. With a simple twist of 4 corner fasteners of the cutting boards, they stay in place securely while cutting or when packing it up. When you are done with your food prep, you simply pop them out and wash and dry them off. That makes is convenient to cut food right next to a basin of water to wash it off. The ability to remove the cutting board makes this kitchen incredibly versatile.

Other features include a wire frame side rack for placing food or dishes, as well as a utensil rack for conveniently hanging your cooking tools.

I plan to take it to deer camp with us in the fall. I know it will make processing our deer much easier. The camp kitchen is sturdy enough to support a lot of meat and meat cutting activity. With the removable cutting boards, it will be perfect for butchering — I’m really looking forward to using it, and I’m sure other guys in camp will appreciate it as well.

If you do a lot of cooking when you’re camping or fishing this summer, you need to get one of these. Get more details on the Camp Gourmet Kitchen and BUY ONE TODAY HERE!

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