After a slow start to goose season due to warm temperatures, recent winter storms have finally pushed the Canada Geese south. According to my buddy Mike Brenczewski, there are more birds here in Northern Illinois at one time than he has ever seen. I had a chance to hunt with Mike and few other goose slayers – Ray, Chris and Elias on an awesome goose hunt this morning. With cold and slightly windy conditions, the fresh snow was the icing on the cake.  The birds didn’t start flying until about 9, but once they did the action heated up quickly. The skies were soon thick with geese. Since a lot of the geese we’re hunting are migratory, chances are they’ve been shot at before. And with plenty of open water and a lot of other fields to choose from not every flock came into our spread. But the ones that did were textbook — wings locked and feet out. After a volley of blasting, we had birds on the ground and Mike’s yellow lab, Flash tore after a cripple as if to show us how he got his name.

The birds are here so get after them, we still have a couple weeks. The Canada Goose season in the Northern Zone (above I-80) is open through January 17, 2013. Canada Goose Season is open through January 31 in all other waterfowl zones in Illinois. But check official regulations and the zone map HERE for details.

Check back soon for some good goose recipes. I’m thinkin’ goose sausage?


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